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Single Tube Scope Kit
Just one tube to turn...
Micro beads

This kit is similar to the others except instead of two tubes it has one tube (about 7 1/2"). This kit comes complete with real glass front-surface mirrors (3), real glass lenses (3), colored bits, and **new** brass plated end caps (no more plastic!).

This is a scope put together and decorated MICRO BEADS!! Click for larger picture.

Single Tube Kaleido

Here are the parts that come with this kit - except the plastic end caps have been replaced with nicer brass plated metal end caps - new picture coming!. You can clay it, paint it, bead it, wrap it - its all up to you!

Qty: 1 - 9 10 - 24 25 - 99
Price: $8.95 each $8.75each $8.25each

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