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Lovely chrome-plated money clip
money clip with dicro A new product we had made - a money clip with a circular bezel attached.  This is a unique item and works great with polymer clay or dichroic glass.   As a matter of fact, we had special dichroic cabochons made that fit this money clip.   The cabochons are a little thick, but they are beautiful!
money clip This picture shows the money clip separately, with two cabochons just to give you an idea of what the clip looks like by itself.  Each cabochon is unique, but they are all very nice!   Since not everyone will want to use dichroic, you can buy the money clip alone, the money clip with a separate dichroic cabochon or just the many choices...!

Money Clip WITH Dichroic cabochon --> $9.95
Money Clip (no cabochon) --> $4.50
Dichroic Cabochon (32mm) --> $6.00

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