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If you want to make unique kaleidoscope chambers with your own glass, plastic, metal or other pieces, we are pleased to offer this selection of high quality, clear acrylic chambers. Fill the bottom part with your colored objects and seal the top to the bottom. When cured, fill the chamber with oil through the tiny oil filling hole. Then close the hole with the stopper. We recommend a fine tipped syringe to fill with oil (click here for syringes), and we also sell an acrylic cement, (Click Here) - Craftics #33 that chemically 'welds' the acrylic pieces together to prevent leaks - plain glue will not work well.

48mm x 35mm Acrylic Chamber Side 48mm x 35mm Acrylic Chamber Top OUT OF STOCK 48mm x 35mm acrylic chamber, empty
54mm x 13mm Acrylic Chamber Side 54mm x 13mm Acrylic Chamber Top 54mm x 13mm height, no lip, acrylic chamber, empty. Also available in 36 x 16mm
54mm x 35mm Chamber Side 54mm x 35mm Chamber Top 54mm x 35mm chamber, empty
New chamber, acrylic
42mm x 16mm
(38mm inner diameter, 42mm outer diameter, 16mm height)

Note: these 2 new chambers require a bit of strong pressure to attach the cap (I used the heel of my hand, but a vise should work too!)...the vendor was a little overzealous attempting to make sure the chamber doesn't leak.  If they used a chemical bond, like the kind you get using Craftics 33 cement, they wouldn't have needed to make it so tight!
Hemispherical chamber Hemisphere -
31mm inner diameter, 35mm outer diameter (of the lip), the lip is 12mm high, overall height is about 34mm
Qty: 1 - 9 10 - 49 50 - 99
Price: $2.95 each $2.75 each $2.50 each

Item Quantity
36X16 Chamber
OUT OF STOCK 48X35 Chamber
54X13 Chamber  
OUT OF STOCK 54X35 Chamber
Hemisphere Chamber