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We recently bought a batch of glass beads from India - not sure if we will continue with beads or not. Pictures below are actual photos although each purchase may vary slightly.

1317_Art Glass Optimized

Art Glass Mix

1 oz is about 23-25 beads. These colors are a bit muted - not many brights.

Price : $5.85/ounce, $4.95 oz. for >16oz.

Quantity :
1318_Matte Beads Optimized

Assorted Matte (frost) Beads

About 25 pieces per ounce

Price : $2.30/ounce, $1.95 oz. for >16oz.

Quantity :
1324_Silver Foil Mix optimized

Silver Foil Mix (A)

About 20 pieces per ounce.

Quantity :
1331_Silver Foil Optimized

Silver Foil Mix (B)

Some of these are large - 1 oz may only be 5-6 beads

Quantity :
1329_Color Foil Round Optimized

Inside Color Furnace Mix

Round beads with large hole. About 14 per oz.

Quantity :
1322_Faceted Beads Optimized

Faceted Mix

Small to teeny, tiny in size. Probably about 50 pieces per ounce.

Quantity :
0838_Irridescent Bugle

Irridescent Bugle Twist

Very nice iridescent bugle beads! Lots per ounce - too many to count.

Quantity :
1323_Luster Polish Optimized

Luster Polish Bead

About 25 pieces per ounce. Nice for kaleidos.

Quantity :
1327_Eyebeads Optimized


Medium size - about 6 pieces per oz. Each with a glass eye on the bead!

Quantity :