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Abalone & Mother of Pearl
Paua Cab

Real paua abalone

One of my favorite things to make with clay is faux abalone - with the greens, blues, pinks and black. They are beautiful, iridescent, and natural. Mother of Pearl is also beautiful - irridescent white. Which is why these are often used in jewelry. These cabs are small - 10mm across (about 3/8") and 1.25mm thick. They look great as the number markers in our clock kits, or as jewelry embellishments, or as highlights on any project.

Paua Cab

Real Mother of Pearl

Abalone Prices

1) 10 abalone cabochons, 10mm cabs = $6.00.

2) 10 Mother of Pearl Cabochons, 10mm = $6.00

Item: Price: Quantity:
Package of 10 ABALONE cabochons, 10mm $6.00
Package of 10 Mother of Pearl cabochons, 10mm $6.00