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Themed Rollerball Pen Kits
Golfer, Football, Baseball, Fishing, Grapevines, Skull & Bones, Music!!

This is newest pen kit from Boston ClayWorks and it is one of the best!! This is a beautifully made pen, using a smoooooth rollerball ink refill. The chrome finish is high quality durable plating that will last and last. But the best part is the awesome design etched into the top portion of the pen. We made several styles with more to come. We have the following themes; golf, baseball, football, fishing, music, grapevines and finally the skull and crossbones. And the cap clicks onto either end so it is never misplaced. These make fantastic gifts or sales at craft fairs!!

Theme Pen Theme Pen
Please click the picture for the detailed view! Please click the picture for an even closer view!

Each Theme Pen Kit is priced at $7.95

Pen Type Quantity
Skull & Bones
***BUSHINGS - $2.00***