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Bottle Stoppers
Bottle Stoppers make a great gift or crafting project.
Bottle Stoppers

Shiny Chrome (Tops shown
Barrel top, Cylinder, Large ball, Cube*)

*Not pictured, but available

These are one of our favorites kits.  The stopper will fit almost any wine or similar sized bottle. Most stores that crafters deal with sell only the metal stopper part, without any top. And making your own top either wastes a lot of clay, or requires that you cut and drill wood or other material. We are happy to include a FREE, PRE-DRILLED, CENTERED, wood top that the clay can be made and baked on. All you need to do is cover the wood with your clay, and bake. When finished, the top easily screws onto the stopper piece by hand! The wooden tops prevent clay waste, and makes for a smooth, even finish. If you make multiple stoppers, they will be uniform in every way. This is a huge seller at craft shows, and also makes for a great gift!! *Note - We are only carrying the cylinder and ball shaped tops at this time.

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