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Dicro Slide

DicroSlide Bottle Stopper
One of our bevel stoppers
with DichroSlideTM coated
with clear resin.

Dicro Slide TM is an INCREDIBLE, cool new product that has so many potential uses - for polymer clay, ceramics, glass, metal and more! Dicro SlideTM is REAL DICHROIC deposited on water slide paper rather than glass. This means that you can easily cut it with scissors, or punch out precision shapes with a paper punch! Soak in water for a minute and slide the dichroic off onto your glass, polymer clay, metal, etc. It is really so much fun! Now you can have the same effects as real dichroic without needing a kiln or glass (although it works perfectly well with glass too!). The colors shift like real dichroic because it is REAL DICHROIC!

Click on the picture to the left for a larger view of individual patterns. We took a 2 x 1 inch pice of Dicro SlideTM and put half of it over a white stripe and the other half over black to illustrate the difference of the dichroic over different backgrounds. Keep in mind that the color shifts as the angle of the light hitting it changes - unfortunately this color shift can't be seen in the photo...

Fire Blend, shifts as dark gold, copper, dark red/burgundy.
Water Blend, shifts vary from dark blue/teal, to shades of green/light gold and sometimes purple.

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