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Bag Hangers
Keeps your pocketbook safe and clean!!

Don't let your purse dangle behind you on the back of a chair! Have it right in front of you, securely hung off the ground. Why take chances slinging your bag on the bag of a chair – they always end up on the floor, or susceptible to theft. Don't forget to order drawstring pouches to hold the hanger and carry with you everywhere! . It is small and compact with a recess in the top perfect for your polymer clay design (or microbeads, DicroSlideTM or other material)

Non-Collapsible Bag Hanger :
Bag Hanger Bag Hanger Finished
Collapsible Bag Hanger :
Bag Hanger Bag Hanger Finished
Also now in HEART shape...Heart shaped Bag Hanger Square Shaped Bag Hanger....and SQUARE shaped bezel!!
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Price: $4.25 each $3.95 each $3.75;

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