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Amazing Twist Pens

These pens are awesome! Why? Well, if you've ever made woodworker type pens before, you know that they are very nice when finished, BUT sometimes putting them together can be a chore - you need a vise, or mallet or pen press. And while we still love those pens (we still sell them too!), these pens DON'T REQUIRE ANY SPECIAL TOOLS TO ASSEMBLE!!! Yup, that's right! We had these specially made for us (they are even patent pending!!). All of the parts that come in the kit have threaded parts so all you have to do is screw them together! With your hands! No tools! It couldn't be easier. And so while we will continue to sell the classic woodworker's pens, these new beauties are definitely a crafter's dream!!!

Here's a couple Twist Pens assembled - they look exactly like the classic type of pen!

****Please note that currently have only Gun Metal Black...!!!***

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